Great Investment Opportunity In egypt

Egypt is one of the largest and most developed economies in the MENA and North African regions. It makes Egypt highly popular among other investors. Also, It is considered as major emerging market economy. It is even part of the Next Eleven (N-11) Goldman Sachs emerging market economies. It would be well-advised to familiarize yourself with the popular investment routes in this country, if you’re looking for exposure in the African and/or Middle Eastern markets – especially thanks to this country’s strategic position on the map.

Egyptian Real estate market has been growing, with demand rising for both Egyptian home buyers and for foreign home buyers. The real estate market in Egypt has shown itself to be a sound place to invest, because of currency fluctuation and the drop in the value of the Egyptian pound, where your asset is less likely to drop in value. Foreigners are allowed to buy property in Egypt, but they cannot buy more than two pieces of real estate, and those two pieces of real estate cannot exceed 4,000 square meters in size. Their purpose must be for a family member to live in the property and they cannot be sold or rented for five years. Fortunately, Egypt’s real estate market went relatively unharmed by the 2011 revolution, which makes it even more of a sound investment.

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