Turkey is among the top middle-income countries with a gross domestic product of $799.54 billion annually. Thus it has the 17th position as a country of global economic power and distinct investment country.

The annual Income per Capita of Turkey has almost tripled in less than a decade and per capita income now exceeds $10.500 a year.

Turkey is a member of the Organization for OECD  (Economic Co-operation and Development) and the Group of 20, and an essential donor to bilateral ODA (Support Measures Portal for Least Developed Countries).

Turkey is one of the promising country for Real Estate markets and There has been a significant property boom in Turkey and the real estate market has significantly improved. The scenario now is very different from what it was a few years ago and therefore property rentals are an excellent idea for budding entrepreneurs or people willing to earn some extra money.

You can rent out properties to different demographics and for different purposes. The key point here is to provide something unique to the people and make sure that the service you provide is good enough to get you more clients in the future.

  • The real estate sector accounted for approximately 8.4 percent of GDP in the last decade. On the investment side, FDI inflows stood at USD 10.8 billion, with real estate and construction garnering USD 4.6 billion (42.9 percent) of total FDI in 2017.
  • Urban renewal and mega projects dominate the agenda for the foreseeable future, particularly in Istanbul. Some projects in the city include Marmaray, Canal Istanbul, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Eurasia Tunnel, 3-Storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel, and Istanbul’s 3rd airport.
  • The Urban Renewal and Development initiative will encompass 7.5 million housing units. The initiative has a budget of USD 400 billion, with a large contribution coming from the private sector.
  • According to the Knight Frank Global House Price Index, Turkey ranked 6th in the 56-location index in Q3 of 2017 in terms of the annual price growth index. Turkey saw a year-on-year increase of 11.1 percent, and thus emerged as one of the top-performing housing markets in the world, ahead of Australia, Latvia, and India.                                                                                                   

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