Great Investment Opportunity In uk

The United Kingdom (UK) is the sixth largest national economy in the world. It has the world’s largest financial center close to New York. In fact, London, one of the largest cities in the world has the highest city gross domestic product (GDP) in Europe. This makes the UK a very important financial hub for international investors.

The London is the third largest stock exchange in the world and has market capitalization of over $6 trillion. Around 3,000 companies from over 60 countries  are listed on the exchange including China, Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe.

Benefits Investing in the UK

Some benefits of investing in the UK are:


  • Financial Hub: London is one of the most advanced financial markets in the world next to New York, which makes the securities market a very stable and liquid one for investors looking for exposure outside of the United States.
  • Blue Chip Stocks: The UK houses many of the largest blue chip companies in the world, ranging from Rio Tinto to BP to GlaxoSmithKline, which makes investing in the region less risky than other financial markets around the world.
  • You could earn rental income while owning an excellent vacation home

If you are looking at investing in an overseas residential vacation property you have the option of renting it out as a vacation home. An advantage that you can get from doing so is that on days when no one is renting out your property, you and your family can enjoy a great holiday in the UK in your own home! Property purchased in prime UK real estate markets is an excellent choice of earning a passive income from your investment.

  • Property investment is a stable long term investment option

In comparison with shares, stocks and other assets that tend to easily fluctuate in value choosing to invest in Real Estate has been seen as a more stable long term investment option. Even with the rise and fall of the economy, property investment in the UK has been attractive because global demand has seen a constant increasing trend over the long term.

  • The property investment market is lucrative and in demand

The real estate market in the UK has been quite good and stable. You should always be wary about investing your money in a country with problematic economic conditions. The financial status of the whole of the UK has been extremely resilient which makes it an excellent choice for foreign investment.

"Invest in a Buy to Let Care Home..

“As the number of elderly p eople with high care needs i n the UK is expected to incr ease significantly over the next 20 years,there will be a growing need for modern,fit for– purpose carehomes.”
“The combined care market value for care for older people in the UK is currently estimated to be worth £22.2bn, ofwhich £13.4bn is attributable to residential care and £8.8bn tonon – residentialcare.”
“There are over 400,000 pe ople living in care homes in the UK, and around 80,000 units in existingcare home stock are reaching obsolesc ence.”

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