Investors return strongly as Dubai property transactions hit 11-year high

Secondary market transactions in Dubai reached 18,345 last year.

Investors and buyers cashed in on lower property prices in Dubai as the number of transactions jumped 20 percent to hit an 11-year high of 41,988 in 2019 as compared to 34,961 transactions in the previous year.

Data released by Property Finder revealed that the sale of off-plan properties took the lion’s share, accounting for 23,643 transactions or 56.3 percent of the total due to attractive prices and incentives such as waiver of service fees, post-handover payment plans, discounts on registration charges and commission, guaranteed rental returns, etc. offered by the developers.

Secondary market transactions in Dubai reached 18,345 last year. While the number of completed units reached over 45,000 last year.

Analysts believe that measures taken by the government such as the formation of a Higher Real Estate Committee to rebalance supply and demand in September are infusing confidence in the market, prompting investors to return to the market following five years of decline in the property market. They foresee this trend will continue in 2020 as well.

“Going into 2020 and leading up to the Expo, we should continue to see transaction levels increase and prices start to stabilize in certain areas. We have already started to see certain market dynamics shift as a direct effect from Expo and these trends will most likely continue throughout the year,” says Lynnette Abad, director of data and research at Property Finder.

“With new homes becoming completed thick and fast, developers are forced to come up with rent-to-own schemes and other initiatives to make sure that they are not left with unsold, ready units. This makes it a perfect buyer’s market, with attractive prices, good deals and plenty of options to choose from,” Property Finder said.

Prathyusha Gurrapu, head of research and advisory at Core, said with the recent announcement of the real estate committee, the market is witnessing strategic efforts to moderate supply-side deterrents.

“We have seen a number of new launches come down considerably over 2019 as most developers look to focus on existing inventories. That said, as we enter 2020, Dubai is reaching a cyclical peak in supply deliveries with the highest number of handovers in both the residential and commercial markets expected over the next year as developers aim to handover projects before Expo 2020,” she said.

“Due to the softened market conditions and buyer friendly terms, we have seen record transaction volumes, both in the off-plan and secondary markets. We expect buyer-friendly terms and heavily incentivized post-handover payment plans to continue over 2020, helping with the absorption of existing inventory,” Gurrapu added.

Aditi Hariharan, associate partner for strategic consulting and research at Cavendish Maxwell, said the price and rental decline of the past few years have brought properties within the reach of many, and with the current increase in off-plan sales transactions, investors should actively look for good deals in upcoming units, especially from developers with a proven track record.

“One of the key trends in 2019 were developers offering flexible deferred payment plans, eliminating the burden of bank financing for investors, leading to lower risk and an increase in investment appetite. In 2020, FDI is expected to rise, with developers continuing to offer appealing deferred payment plans and introducing direct and indirect marketing strategies to present all their available units to potential investors at Expo 2020,” Hariharan said.

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off plan property valor

Buying associate degree off-plan or any sort of property will and infrequently could be an intimidating method. However, with the proper preparation and steering, it will terribly simply be simply the other. Check our top tips for buying the off-plan property and ensure you buy prepared.

  1. Know your Budget: -Take a detailed look into your money position and speak to your financial adviser. Budgeting properly can make sure you don’t bit off over you’ll be able to chew.
  2. Know your reasons for buying :-Before you  start looking you should know what your reason for buying an off plan property is. Buying a future home you will live in is very different to buying an investment property and the two will need to be evaluated differently.
  3. Do your search :-Buying a property is for some the biggest one they will ever have to make. It’s therefore, a decision that should not be made easily but rather a decision that should be made after sufficient research and think.
  4. Get Professional Help for good decision . Doing your own search is great and very important however  the help of a professional will give you a professional point of view. The Dubai real estate game this could  save you ten’s of thousands.
  5. Know who you are buying from. Buying an off-plan property is not like buying a ready property here  which you can see and feel.  It is for this reason  that the right research is done into who you are exactly buying from. Ensure the developer have all the legal requirements and has a good tracking  record. Looking into their old  projects is always a good , because the past performance is usually a good indication of the future.
  6. Know the area. If you are buying  a off-plan property  for investment or to live,so you need to be familiar with the area you are buying in. Things that take consideration are; proximity to city/sea or other points of interest of your , road access and public transport , future plans for the area/community, area reputation and demographic of places and etc.
  7. Know what you are buying. Once you selected your area and project then its time to select your unit. Before doing so take into consideration orientation, position and views that will be on offer. This will ensure that sea view doesn’t turn into a car park view.
  8. Understand what you are signing. Signing a purchase contract is serious business so before doing so you need to make sure you know exactly what it is you are signing. Seek professional advice and ensure you are fully aware of your obligations.
  9. Have an exit and a contingency plan . As much as we would like them to things don’t always turn out as planned. 
  10. Enjoy the process. Yes, it can be stressful but buying a property should be and is a great achievement. Don’t lose sight of this and the fact that when done right, the property purchase you make will reap rewards for years to follow.

Now that you are familiar with some great tips for buying off-plan property check out some of the latest property plans to be released across Dubai.

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4 Reasons to Invest in Dubai Real Estate Market

Why should invest in Dubai real estate? We have summarized the 4 main reasons people invest in properties in Dubai(Dubai real estate). It’s a safe hub for foreign investors. Explore more here!

4 quick facts about Dubai’s real estate market:

  • It’s safe
    Dubai is the second safe country in the world and the 3rd most peaceful city in this region.
  • It’s profitable
    Dubai ranks world’s highest yield rates with a 5.2% ROI on villas and 7.3% on apartments
  • It’s promising
    IMF forecasts a 3.7% GDP growth by 2020, making it a perfect investment destination.
  •  secure
  • The UAE announced that investors can have residency visas valid for 10 years if they invest in property worth Dh2,000,000.
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Dubai Expo 2020 -What will be the impact on Dubai’s Real Estate Market?

The countdown is on and the city is getting ready for the most prestigious event both in the UAE and globally, but as a real estate marketer what can we expect from Expo 2020? Don’t worry! Here is everything you need to know about this event.

What is the World Expo?

An Expo is an event that is dedicated to finding solutions to fundamental challenges that the world is currently facing. This enormous event is organized by governments and will bring together countries and international organizations from all over the world. These major public events are unparalleled in their ability to gather millions of visitors, create new dynamics change in their hosting cities. With Expo 2020 being held in Dubai, it is expected that this event will attract 25 million unique visitors from 180 nations and up to 33 million visitors over the 6 months period the event will be held on. It is important to note that a large number of these visitors will eventually settle in the city even after the event is completed as new companies and opportunities will emerge here.

Who is taking part?

Over 190 countries confirmed there attention in Expo 2020 Dubai, making it the most inclusive Expo ever to be organized.

When is the event?

There are only a few months left until tickets for Expo 2020 kicks off, this well-awaited event will start on 20 October 2020 and end on 10 April 2021 lasting for 173 days, with pavilions open and entertainment programs between 10 am and 1 am on weekdays, and 10 am to 2 am on weekends.

Where will Expo 2020 take place?

Expo 2020 will be in Dubai South District, near Al Maktoum International Airport. A great location that is in proximity to Dubai’s city center. There will be a lot of transports dedicated to this event including a metro station that is being built that can handle up to 44,000 passengers per hour.

How will the Expo 2020 affect Dubai?

The 2020 World Expo is expected to be one of the largest events of its kind ever seen in the Arab world, with over 190 nations taking part, including the US, UK, Germany, France, Brazil and Nigeria, and is set to boost the UAE’s global recognition, encourage economic and cultural growth and, as promised by experts, leave a long-term legacy.

Around 25 million visitors are estimated to attend Expo 2020 during its time, which will definitely cause a huge economic boost. It was even estimated that straight after the successful bid, there was a 4% increase in the country’s stock market, the first of its kind for the last few years.

Clearly the city will capture the world’s attention even before the event. Around 275,000 new jobs will be created and there will be a significant increase in the demand of all key sectors including real estate, tourism, retail, technology, healthcare, education and many more.

What will the impact be on Dubai’s Real Estate Market?

The Expo project will boost the real estate sector in Dubai. Offplan sales in key locations such as Dubai South which is where the event will located saw an increase of up to 285% compared with the last year.

This huge number of visitors will create a huge for the economy, most specifically in the  Dubai real estate market. The rental demand will increase during the Expo 2020. Indeed before the event starts is the best time to invest in the property market in Dubai and with this vision slowly turning into a reality, landlords are seeing a strong market for the upcoming years.

What will be the Dubai property market look like after Expo 2020?

Predicting how the market will look like Expo 2020 isn’t easy. However, from the stats and also the information we tend to do have concerning this market, property provide and also the plans post the event, we will notice a great deal of actions being taken so as for the event to own most economic impact however avoid any withdrawal symptoms when most of the guests head back to their home countries.

One of the initiatives done by the government which we believe will have a huge impact on the post Expo 2020 real estate market is the new visa rules, the new visa rules include 10 year residency visa and permanent residency, which will make it easier for those who see Dubai as a world hub to settle and become contributors to the city’s real estate market stabilizing the market prices.

How can you get involved in the event?

There are many ways within which you’ll contribute to creating this event in whether or not you’re a neighborhood or associate degree expat. However, it’ll be the largest contributor to the event because it is calculable that around 30,000 individuals can volunteer, serving to the event become in. instead, you’ll apply as a business, official participant or maybe simply realize an appropriate job within the events official jobs portal.

I hope this short guide on Expo 2020 was helpful if interested to learn more about investing in Dubai’s real estate market to take full advantage of this once in a lifetime event, feel free to get in touch with one of our real estate experts to get a free real estate consultation.


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Ejari Registration- Complete Guide

Ejari Registration- Complete Guide


Expats have to face a lot of complexities when moving to Dubai in terms of visa, finding homes for rent, etc. Choosing the right apartments or villas in Dubai for Rent will be one of the most important things among all. And this whole process can be overwhelming since they are not usual to the tenancy contract in Dubai.

The Government of UAE introduced a revolutionary system EJARI to regulate country’s rental market. The system’s objective is to safeguard the rights of those who are renting or hiring properties. Ejari is an online registration system which makes an agreement between landlord and tenant. This system ensures that the documents submitted by every individual are well maintained and obligated by all Government agencies.

Ejari registration process involves registering the first agreement, renewing, cancelling, transferring and terminating the agreement. It offers a wide range of services. By registering to Ejari rental agreements are transparent and acceptable to those who involved with due weight to every clause included in the agreement.

With Ejari, Landlords in Dubai can now register and renew the lease contracts online.

Ejari is an online registration system where the registration is online, and is designed such that legal requirements are executed and maintained well and there is a regulatory system on rental market in Dubai. This Ejari system protect the rights of those people who involved in rental contracts.


The Real Estate Regulatory Authority in Dubai wants to move the legal contracting practices into a proper framework, thus, introduced the system of Ejari.

Also, with Ejari both parties who involved in rental deals have detailed information about the contract. And it is helpful when a dispute arise.   

Ejari is fair system that aims to equally protect the rights of landllords, tenants and also companies if any involved in the rental deal.

This system is also designed for regulating the payment of the agreed rental price when payment is made upfront.

 A rent receipt is provided upon completion of the registration process.


The Documents needed for Registering in Ejari are:

  • Original Copy of Tenancy Contract
  • Tenant’s passport
  • Tenant’s UAE Visa
  • Tenant’s Emirates ID
  • For commercial entities, trade license is also required.
  • Tenancy Contract Title deeds of the rented property
  • Recent DEWA bill or connection receipt
  • Landlord’s passport
  • Details of the landlord and some personal documents


When registering to Ejari it takes around 1-2 working days to process the online application and to It generally takes 1-2 working days to process the online application and to generate the Ejari number. Once the Ejari registration is complete, you will receive the official Ejari contract which has main terms and conditions, an attestation acknowledging that your contract is registered with Ejari online and a breakdown of your payment.

You must also complete an Ejari registration every time when you sign a new tenancy contract in Dubai. This is a mandatory requirement, not just by the RERA, but also for several other associated formalities. Here are a few things which mandate an Ejari contract:

  • Residence Visas, New Applications and renewals
  • Telephone/Television/Internet connection
  • Obtaining a Commercial License
  • Employing domestic staff
  • Acquiring an alcohol licence
  • Electricity and water connection

Besides making sure that all rental transactions in the emirate are clear and transparent, there are several other benefits to having the Ejari system in place. As a renter, it can help you do the requisite background check on the landlord and the property by requesting historical data, so you can be more aware of the arrangements you are getting into. There is no room for fraud or tampering of documents by either the landlord or the tenant, which again makes things clear if there is any contention in the future.

The government of Dubai put forward the Ejari initiative in an effort to clamp down on illegal housing and unfair exploitation within the real estate market. Since its introduction, the Ejari system has ensured a smooth relationship between landlords and tenants. It is used for all rental transactions including renewals, cancellations, transfers and terminations as an official record capturing all the essential details.


Upon completion of the registration process, the applicant will receive the Ejari Attestation made of 3 parts:

Ejari tenancy contract 
This part represents the transposition of your private Rental Agreement (tenancy contract) into a standard format accepted by Ejari.

Ejari registration certificate 
This part is the evidence that a rental agreement was successfully entered into the Ejari information system and thus giving the terms of the contract legal validity.

Ejari fees payment receipt
This part bears the receipt issued after the payment of the Ejari government fees and typing service charges to RERA.

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Opening Ceremony Event of the Vincitore Boulevard Project

Be the First to Experience the Vincitore Boulevard LifeStyle

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Saeed Bin Tahnoon Bin Mohamad Al Nahyan, Vincitore Realty, a developer of Vincitore Palacio, in collaboration with Valor Real Estate invite you to join us in a party to celebrate and present the luxury show apartment of Vincitore Boulevard Project, on Saturday 24 of  November 2018 from 7 pm till 10:30 pm, located (Opposite Miracle Garden – Arjan Dubai). In the attendance of many bloggers and Social Media stars and TV coverage 

Date: Saturday 24th Nov | 7:00 pm Onward 

Location: Vincitore Boulevard, Opp. Miracle Garden, Al Barsha South Third, Arjan, Dubai

Contact: Eng. Ahmad Kilani +971 56 300 3074

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Dubai’s 1st Haute Boulevard Lifestyle Property Events

Vincitore Realty,Developer of Vincitore Palacio, has organized a Dubai’s 1st Haute Boulevard lifestyle property events in Dubai in collaboration with Valor Real Estate & Nerveen Al Jabban Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Saeed bin Tahnoon bin Mohammed Al Nahyan on Saturday 24th of November 2018. Attendance of Ahmed Kilani, Managing Partner of Valor Real Estate & Mr. Vijay Doshi, Managing Director, Vincitore Real Estate Development increased the beauty of this property event in Dubai.

See Dubai’s 1st Haute Boulevard lifestyle property events in Dubai’s

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Dubai: The Best City to Live & Work in Middle East for Expats

According to the Quality of Living Survey by Mercer Dubai has ranked the best and No. 1 city for expats in the MENA region. Dubai has ranked the 74th in quality of living Globally. 

Quality of Living Survey by Mercer said to be the best and most comprehensive survey in the World. The Survey by Mercer conducted annually to authorize multinational organizations and companies to pay employees reasonably at the time of their international assignments. 

Vienna grabs the first spot for the 8th years running for the overall quality of living with other European cities in the top 10 list with only two non-European cities. Singapore (25 overall) and Montevideo (79) grabs the highest ranking in Asia and Latin America respectively. 

According to a survey, Dubai continues to make a space in the list of a popular destination for organizations and companies to send employees in the middle east and opening their offices. The Government of Dubai is continuously increasing the quality of living for those who choose to work and live here by developing security, safety, infrastructures, and health amenities. 

This survey also provides a discrete ranking on the provision of clean drinking water, waste removal, pollution in the air and adequate sewage disposal. In the MENA, Dubai and Abu Dhabi grab the top spot in City Sanitation and outclassed other best cities like London, Paris etc. 

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Top Luxury & Best Places to Live in Dubai with Family

If there is any place that fulfills the quality of living in the Middle East then it is only Dubai. Dubai is considered the most family-friendly and best place to live in the World. Dubai offers a safe & secure residential environment. Dubai is becoming the top spot to live a luxurious life.

When it comes to buying your dream home you consider many characteristics to select the best place to live in with your family like the cost of living, the location of a school, safety, work environment, etc. And Dubai offers all the best amenities that one family looks in the best place to live in.

Choose the Best Place to Live Luxury Family Living in Dubai

At Valor Real Estate Company in Dubai, we have compiled a list of the best place to live in Dubai for families and expat who are looking for the best affordable places for family living in Dubai.

1. Vincitore Boulevard

Vincitore Boulevard - Luxury Lifestyle in Dubai by Valor Real Estate Company

Vincitore Boulevard is the best place to live in Dubai. It is Dubai first Haute Boulevard Lifestyle Apartments located in the heart of Al Barsha South, Arjan Dubai and a few minutes away from Miracle Garden. Vincitore Boulevard offers the most advanced, exciting, thrilling, and friendly living option to you. With unparalleled facilities and services, Vincitore Boulevard offers studios and one-bedroom apartments. It proposes bold new creativity for luxury family living in Dubai.

2. Vincitore Palacio

Vincitore Palacio - Luxury Apartments in Dubai by Valor Real Estate Company

Vincitore Palacio is another best place to live in Dubai offered by Vincitore Realty and located in the Arjan master development — the heart of Dubailand. It offers 175 luxury apartments with sauna and steam rooms, a 60-foot swimming pool, 3000 square feet health club area include the gym and many other amenities that are necessary for quality living in Dubai.

3. Villanova La Quinta

Villanova La Quinta - Villas for Sale in Dubai by Valor Real Estate Company

Villanova La Quinta —A project by Dubai Properties. Villanova La Quinta Villas feature large and alluring 3, 4, & 5-bedroom luxury villas in Dubai. Villanova La Quinta is developed in a distinctive way that exudes comfort, passion, and elaborate detail.

4. Palace Residences

Palace Residences - 5-Star Residency by Valor Real Estate Company

Palace Residences – the new 5-star residence development. The Palace Residences are located near two prime locations of Dubai – waterfront spots; the Creek Beach and Creek Marina with an exciting seafront. The development also offers dashing views of Wildlife Refuge of Ras Al Khor and the iconic Dubai Creek Tower.

5. Madinat Jumeirah Living

Madinat Jumeirah Living - Freehold Residential Apartments in Dubai by Valor Real Estate

Madinat Jumeirah Living – another freehold dashing and luxurious place to live a tremendous lifestyle in Dubai by Dubai Holdings. Madinat al Jumeirah Living is located opp. the only Certified 7-star hotel in the World; Burj Al Arab. This nature-friendly and pedestrian-centric 60-building development project, including Rahaal Building a freehold residential apartments in Dubai, offer a secure and peaceful lifestyle with the absence of ambient noise and traffic.

6. Golf Suites Apartments

Golf Suites Apartments - Luxury Home in Dubai by Valor Real Estate

Enjoy the Luxury Life at Dubai Hills by having a luxury home in Golf Suites Apartments. Golf Suites Apartments is a project of Emaar that allows you to enjoy the panoramic views of your favorite golf course in Dubai. Golf Suites Apartments features 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms apartments with balconies to allow you to admire the pleasing views of the meadows and palm trees while taking a rejuvenating dip in the infinity pool.

7. Port De La Mer

Port De La Mer - Waterfront Location in Dubai by Valor Real Estate

Port de La Mer by Meraas is located at the end of the North Peninsula at one of the top and best place to live in Dubai; La Mer. The best and world-class waterfront location offers a mingled development option including shopping, entertainment, hospitality, dining, and residencies. This luxury place to live in Dubai will comprise a remarkable collection of 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom apartments with impressive sea views and flourishing greenery that cascades down from each balcony to the rich blue marina beneath.