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Dubai: The Best City to Live & Work in Middle East for Expats

According to the Quality of Living Survey by Mercer Dubai has ranked the best and No. 1 city for expats in the MENA region. Dubai has ranked the 74th in quality of living Globally. 

Quality of Living Survey by Mercer said to be the best and most comprehensive survey in the World. The Survey by Mercer conducted annually to authorize multinational organizations and companies to pay employees reasonably at the time of their international assignments. 

Vienna grabs the first spot for the 8th years running for the overall quality of living with other European cities in the top 10 list with only two non-European cities. Singapore (25 overall) and Montevideo (79) grabs the highest ranking in Asia and Latin America respectively. 

According to a survey, Dubai continues to make a space in the list of a popular destination for organizations and companies to send employees in the middle east and opening their offices. The Government of Dubai is continuously increasing the quality of living for those who choose to work and live here by developing security, safety, infrastructures, and health amenities. 

This survey also provides a discrete ranking on the provision of clean drinking water, waste removal, pollution in the air and adequate sewage disposal. In the MENA, Dubai and Abu Dhabi grab the top spot in City Sanitation and outclassed other best cities like London, Paris etc. 

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