Villanova Amaranta 4 Townhouse by DP Dubai

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Property type: Villa / House



Amaranta 4 Townhouse in Villanova by Dubai Properties

Villanova Amaranta 4 by Dubai Properties is being developed with a focus on conscientious communities and creating a healthy space for families to grow together in their own home. Amaranta 4 Townhouses in Dubai will have over 18,000 sq. m. of lush green landscapes and beautiful gardens. Families will even be able to walk directly out onto Amaranta 4 Townhouses linear green-grassed park, which will become the heart of the community and a great place to host family gatherings. Setting a standard for new villas in Dubai, the alluring 2, 3, & 4 bedroom Townhomes of Amaranta at Villanova reflect the haciendas of contemporary Spanish design.

Take a look around and discover why Villanova is more than just a house, with community centers, recreational areas, lush green spaces, walking trails and picnic areas in abundance. Creatively designed 2-storey Townhouses of Amaranta at Villanova offer extensive floor plans that cause a relaxed lifestyle and laid-back.

Amaranta 4 Townhouses Pricing Plan:

  • 30% during construction
  • 20% on handover
  • 50% post-handover on 4 years
  • 4% DLD waiver


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