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Real Estate top hierarchies meet to discuss the market

IPS 2024 was discussed

This meeting took place at an esteemed venue where two real estate mentors agreed to boost the ties and to make the IPS 2024 successful in collaboration. This meeting is also eyed as an opportunity to boost the property market in the region.

Mr. Kilani’s received compliments from Mr. Suwaidi over securing the position of ambassador for the IPS 2024.  

Further, Mr. Al Suwaidi and Mr. Al Kiani both expressed that how excited they were about the upcoming International Property Show and stressed its significance in presenting the most recent advancements and trends in the real estate sector.

In this meeting they have decided to collaborate closely to promote the event within their respective networks after discussing how to make sure it goes well.

They talked current market and technology

The current real estate trends in Dubai and other parts of UAE were discussed, and they also discussed to raise more opportunities available for the investors and developers.

Mr. Al Kilani discussed developments in the market and described the prospects that both developers and investors may take advantage of. He emphasized the value of cooperation and information exchange in promoting the sector's growth, to which Mr. Al Suwaidi also agreed.

The CEOs underlined their desire to collaborate on a range of projects, such as collaborative businesses and strategic alliances. They also talked about the potential for coordinating cooperative activities and campaigns to advance Dubai's real estate market.

Both the experts also discussed the significance of technology and innovation in the business-like contribution of AI and blockchain technology in Real Estate. They have committed to improve the customer experiences with the help of technology.


The highly fruitful conversation between Mr. Ahmad Al Kiani and Mr. Khalifa Al Suwaidi paves the way for Emirates Real Estate Solutions and Valour Real Estate to work together more closely and grow mutually. Their dedication to quality and a common vision for the real estate market in Dubai are encouraging signs for the industry's future expansion and prosperity.

Date: 07 Mar, 2024