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Valor Real Estate-CEO appointed as an Ambassador for IPS 2024

Mr. Ahmad Al Kilani who is also an engineer is serving as a CEO for the reputed Valor Real Estate, and he has also been chosen an ambassador for the International Property Show (IPS) in Dubai. This appointment has surmounted his dignity to the next level and it proves his in-depth knowledge about the property market of Dubai.

Dubai IPS- International Property Show

Every year in the spring, Dubai hosts the International Property Show (IPS), an international real estate exhibition that serves as a forum for brokers, investors, developers, and other industry experts. Since its founding, IPS has developed into a crucial hub for networking, knowledge exchange, and business transactions within the real estate sector.

Strategic Marketing & Exhibitions, a well-known organiser recognised for its proficiency in producing top-notch business events, is in charge of organising the expo.

A diverse array of services and goods about property investment and acquisition are offered by IPS, which draws in a large number of participants such as local and international brokers, developers of real estate, and investors.

Discovering upscale residences, investment options, and premium flats in Dubai and the wider Gulf region is made possible by this exceptional chance offered by the fair. Leading industry professionals will provide training sessions and discussion forums as part of the event programme, providing insightful information on investment methods, market trends, and legal issues.

The International Property Show stands out for its capacity to connect worldwide markets by offering a venue for the presentation of both local and international projects. Because of this, it's a great chance for wealthy investors to learn about the newest and most promising real estate offerings and build personal connections with suppliers.

Mr. Kilani as an Ambassador for IPS

Promotional Events

Mr. Kilani's job is to advertise the IPS both internationally and in Dubai. This involves making use of his connections and power to raise awareness and draw in players, such as developers, brokers, investors, and business specialists.

Connecting with others

His ability to network with influential members of the real estate community, such as developers, investors, and public officials, is crucial. Developing and preserving connections that can help the IPS and the real estate industry at large is part of this.

Exchange of Knowledge

By taking part in training sessions and discussion forums, Mr. Kilani is anticipated to facilitate the flow of knowledge. He adds to the event's overall educational value by offering insights on investing strategies, market trends, and legal difficulties.

Commercial Deals

In his capacity as an ambassador, Mr. Al Kilani links investors with brokers and developers to ease commercial transactions. It is his responsibility to establish an atmosphere that encourages investment and deal-making.

IPS Value Representation

The IPS fundamental values of competence, honesty, and excellence are embodied by Mr. Al Kilani. Through his contacts with stakeholders and his portrayal of the event, he exemplifies these values.

Improving IPS Image Through his role as ambassador, Mr. Al Kilani contributes to improving IPS's standing and image. His reputation in the real estate sector lends legitimacy to the occasion and draws well-known attendees.

Promotion of Events

Mr. Al Kilani uses a variety of platforms to promote the event, such as press releases, social media, and in-person meetings.

The diverse position of Mr. Ahmad Al Kilani as the IPS ambassador in Dubai is essential to the event's success. He promotes, facilitates, and acts as a representative for the real estate sector, helping it to expand both in Dubai and internationally.

Date: 04 Mar, 2024